Origin of Name

Principal Engineer
L-A-Omega was founded in 1999 as a corporation for the purpose of development of intellectual property in the field of optics. George Seward is the founder and is still the principal engineer. His primary areas of expertise are optics and applied physics. Other consultants provided expertise in electronics and mechanics.

Initially, ownership of intellectual property was the primary goal of the business, while consulting services provided cash for expenses. There were several early developments by L-A-Omega. A charge density measurement device was conceived for stain-free electrophoresis. The Seward Alignment Module (SAM) provided safe, rapid, and consistent alignment of laser beams. A SAM is still used in production on flow cytometers. A single-mode coupling device with submicron precision and super-micron tolerance was developed for the telecom industry.

The signature of L-A-Omega became “Practical application of the scientific models to the art of production.” This credence yields a design for manufacturing with easy fabrication and consistent performance. A successful blend of art and science in optical design emerged as a valuable expertise with a significant barrier to entry. Development of a scientific model requires formal education in science along with communication skills, while practical application to the art of production requires specific knowledge and experience.

In summary, the consulting services of L-A-Omega evolved from a commodity for coverage of expenses into a novel service with premium rates for L-A-Omega and lasting quality for the Client. This mission of L-A-Omega is “scientific models for practical application.”